The management of ZRTM is organized according to the English pattern of  the Association of Radiographer and it  works impeccably as well. The structure of the Managing Board of the Chamber and the Association of Radiological Technologists of Macedonia:



Mirjana Repinovic

    President of the Chamber and Association  
    Zoran Bajovski  
    Clinic of Radiotherapy and Oncology  
    Dimitar Andonov  
    Vice president of ZRTM and General secretary of the Chamber  

Radovan Mitricki

    Education and Contact Secretary with EFRS  
    Vedrit Ibushovski  

General secretary of ZRTM  
    Toni  Slezenkovski  
    Representative of ZRTM Chamber and City Hospital – Skopje  
    Representative of the Chamber of ZRTM and Health Center – Skopje  
    Sonja Simonovska  
    Representative of ZRTM and chamber and Northern region  
    Astrit Neziri  
    Representative of ZRTM for Tetovo and Polog Region  
    Vladimir Iliev  
    Representative of ZRTM and the Chamber Veles and Central regions  
    Pane Atanasov  
    Representative of  ZRTM and chamber Stip and Eastern region  
    Mende Trkaleski  
    Representative of ZRTM and the Chamber Prilep and Central region (ifit is necessary he is also a representive  in  Bitola and Southwest region)  
    Katerina Atanasova  
    Representative of ZRTM and the Chamber Kocani and Northeastern region  
    Lile Lanzberg  
    Representative of ZRTM and the Chamber Military Hospital  
    Darko Crvenov  
    Representative of ZRTM chamber and the Private sector in Skopje  

Petar Spasov

    Representative of ZRTM and the Chamber Strumica and Southeast region