The work of the Association of Radiological Technologists of Macedonia (ZRTM) and the Chamber of Radiological Technologists (RT) of Macedonia that function  together ,refers to the achievement and  provision of quality and efficient technical assistance, education, business services, representing the members of the Chamber and ZRTM in front of the executive and local government as a partner in creating  laws and regulations relating to health, medicine, and especially radiology and radiotherapy.
ZRTM  has dated since 1967god under the name of  Association of X-ray technicians, and later in 1974god it was renamed as  Radiological Society of Senior Technicians of Macedonia within the Yugoslav Association of Senior Radiological Technicians.
After the independence of the country(the Republic of Macedonia) it was no sooner than in 2002 , the  association was accepted into the World Association of Radiological Technologists - ISSRT.
During the admission into the world organization all the conditions and requirements for admission were accepted: a change of statute,openings  to colleges  for radiology technologists , change of the name of the profession collaboration with more associations in Europe and the world . The members who negotiated the admission  were asked that  ISSRT should  recognize diplomas and certificates issued in Macedonia and ZRTM shouldbe received under its constitutional name.
Signatory to that agreement was the General Secretary in that period and now chairman of ZRTM .A complete transformation of ZRTM happened, in a positive context , after the acceptance and by fulfilling all the conditions made by ISSRT, that  was felt by all the members and the non-members radiological technologists .
About the activities of ZRTM in the next  chapter