The activities of ZRTM will be presented in the order of the past, present and future period .
ZRTM activities were basically aimed to improvement of education and vocational qualifications. That was accomplished through seminars , congresses , courses organized by ZRTM .  The establishment of the Chamber of Radiological Technologists that work for  ZRTM has helped in the multiple increase  of activities in all spheres of the social life that refer to  radiological technologists.
What has been done in the past by  ZRTM,  including the management as well ?
 In1986 at the initiative of ZRTM  after a break  of 13 years ,the ex-schoo lof radiological technicians at  the Medical Faculty in Skopje was reactivated, because there was a need for a lot of radiology technicians .
The college for radiological technicians produced staff until 2002 . After the  receipt of  ZRTM in  ISSRT at the initiative of the association the first college  for radiological  technologists in RM was opened.  Two radiological technologists, members of the management in ZRTM participated in the creation of the program , especially in the professional part . The first radiological technologists with college degreefinished inthe  late 2004 . This creates a  possibility for additional education of about 300 radiological technologists with college education.
In the period of 2005 - 2007 ZRTM had a battle with the bureaucracy of university education.  Countless letters  and corresponding postcards  were sent , a lot of  meetings were held with stakeholders of this sphere , and finally they achieved their aim .
In the winter semester of 2007  students were allowed to register for additional education at the  Medical faculty in Skopje . Unfortunately the conditions referring to finances and  program were very bad.
TheManaging  Board on their own meeting   decided to boycott the registration with one aim to improve the conditions ( subjects and fees ) but a little was done . Unfortunately some of the members of ZRTM did not respect the boycott (about 15 % ) .
In the middle of 2007 ( International)College for radiological technologists at the University " Ss. KlimentOhridski" in Bitola was opened and accredited.
The management  had information and at the end of August 2007  ​​one of the many meetings was held, Chamber of Radiological Technologists - dean of the college . After several meetings  all demands of ZRTM were accepted i.e.  of the Chamber in programming sense .
In the school year 2007-2008 ,243 radiological technologists were registered  at the University of Bitola,and they were organized by the president and the responsible for education in the Chamber and  successfully completed the education . At the end of June 2008 .approximately 90 % of the enrolled have  graduated. This was a big project, and considered to be the largest in the higher education in Macedonia .
After that the president of the chamber and ZRTM immediately sent a letter to all managers  ofthe hospitals in the Republic of Macedonia , in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Health , and the collective agreement for those who  graduated  to valorize in real life .
The regional representatives of the Chamber have also made ​​a number of activities for the reorganization of higher education in reality . All these actions by the President and all the members of the board gave a result , and for several months about 80 % of the radiological technologists managed to fulfill their  wishes referring to  their labor ( additional education ) . Currently this percentage is 85 % .
The  remaining 15 % of radiological technologists are not left out and efforts are done to help them accomplish their aims. In that direction the president had meetings  with the Ministry of Health and the State Secretary for Health. Result : a promise that  this absurd problem is resolved as soon as possible.
From all these happenings the Managing  board concluded that it is the human factor issue ( laws are on the side of the radiological technologists ) . Cities where  it is not implemented legal right of radiological technologists in public (government )health  institutions  : Veles ( PT 10 ) Kumanovo ( 8rt ) Stip ( 10 PT ) Prilep ( PT 11 ) Gevgelia ( 3rt ).Many Thanks to the private radiology facilities which appreciate knowledge . In the following period ZRTM are planning  the  5th Congress in September 2010 , the Chamber of radiological technologists have excellent cooperation with the Chamber of health workers in the Republic of Macedonia and soon  a contractfor cooperation and support will be signed soon.